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It is easier to find spare parts for old mobile phones like Nokia, Blackberry and handcrafted items online as most local stores do not stock these items especially in small towns because of the limited demand for these items. While there are many online websites which claim to be selling a wide range of mobile products, services and accessories, some of these websites are scam sites which do not supply quality products according to the specifications on the website. it is also difficult to get any customer support

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The american Indians were the original inhabitants of north america, however technological and healthcare advances allowed the Anglo Saxons from Western Europe to conquer North America and today the native americans are largely confined to Indian reserves. Similar methods are used to marginalize, cheat and exploit large sections of the population in other countries like India. A look at the methods used to marginalize native people and spread Western culture.

For example 8-10 lazy greedy mediocre fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence agency employees, allegedly promoted by google,tata are least interested in spending any money on the website, doing any work online, yet are getting a monthly salary from the indian government for making fake claims about domain, website ownership, while the real domain investor is paying all the expenses,and not getting anything at all, an example of google,tata fraud in India.

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Residents in Goa are treated badly

Usually a new political party will flourish only if people are very unhappy with the existing political parties and find it difficult to get any kind of help. So in most states political parties remain accessible, and if the common man have a problem they can contact the local party leader quickly and get their matter resolved. For example in Mumbai, within walking distance major parties have their representatives, who often do small work like attestation for free and anyone can ask for help.

However in Goa,it remains relatively difficult to find the local leader to resolve matters, some are blaming the problems on security agencies. So fed up of the lack of help against atrocities,open discrimination, high levels of fraud, nepotism goa is one of the few states in India,where AAP is flourishing . AAP is a new party and they have said that they do not have resources to fight elections all over india, they will only contest in states where they are likely to win, like Punjab and Goa , in addition to Delhi where they are already ruling.

This clearly indicates the extremely poor condition of people residing in the state of goa,they are unable to get justice and there is no one to help them. According to media reports, in Punjab, people are so angry with existing parties, that people will vote for AAP according to early surveys. Similarly some people in goa are treated so badly, that they are welcoming any alternative, though AAP mainly has a base in North India at present.

Manipulated, incorrect information online

Increasingly information on websites like wikipedia, quora is highly censored and moderators will ruthlessly delete content which exposes fraud, corruption, nepotism, casteism, especially in countries like India . In fact google will not rank websites which are exposing online fraud, corruption, nepotism,. Find out about the censorship of information at content manipulation online.

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Sex, cheating scandal deleted as political propaganda

On a domain name forum Namepros , google, tata allegedly managed to get some posts exposing a major sex, cheating, financial fraud in the indian internet sector deleted falsely claiming that it was political propaganda when there is no political party involved. Actually senior indian government officials allegedly on the payroll of google, tata are falsely claiming that some lazy greedy goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds, who did not study engineering or invest money in domain names, were their btech 1993 EE classmates to get all these frauds lucrative R&AW/CBI/intelligence jobs with fake resumes, fake investment. Now whenever the fact that these google, tata sponsored fraud intelligence employees are faking their investment is raised, tata is deleting the post falsely claiming that it is political propaganda when tata, google are falsely claiming that goan R&AW employees siddhi, sunaina, sex partners of top officials , are internet experts, domain investors to deny the real domain investor a fair deal. tata, google are allegedly involved in a major SEX, cheating,education, domain, paypal, online fraud

Officials falsely claim that their slim lazy girlfriends are working online

Selfish greedy officials want to get their lazy greedy mediocre girlfriends and relatives, great powers, lucrative intelligence jobs without doing any work, so they are falsely claiming that these women are working online, when they do not do any work online at all. In reality, the person who is actually doing work online, has to spend so much time, to do work online and offline, managing websites, domains , that she finds it difficult to get time to exercise and remain fit.

These powerful officials are cunningly making the domain investor a slave of their lazy fraud girlfriends

Goan gsb fraud mafia devoid of self respect

the goan gsb fraud mafia of caro, nayak, mandrekar in intelligence agencies are shameless liars, born frauds with no self respect who ruthlessly exploit honest people who make the mistake of trusting them, For money and power they do not care if the reputation of india will be damaged as long as their mediocre lazy fraud relatives and friends get lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs with fake resumes, fake investment
Most people have a conscience, morals, a sense of right and wrong, not the shameless goan gsb fraud mafia, who have unfortunately been given great powers in the indian internet sector, intelligence and security agencies
These cunning officials will pretend to be honest saints initially when they false accuse a harmless single woman obc engineer, without any proof, yet over a period of time, it becomes apparent that they are shameless hypocrites with no morals or self respect as their relatives and friends are involved in endless fraud, making fake allegations, stealing correspondence, extorting money.
they think that cheating, exploiting obc domain investors is their birthright, and unless the victim exposes the fraud, they are not likely to keep quiet and stop their slander, exploitation.

Why dont the google, tata sponsored goan gsb fraud R&AW/CBI employees riddhi siddhi, purchase their own domain names, start their own website instead of behaving like section 420 frauds falsely claiming to own the domains, websites of a obc single woman engineer, who they hated?

Mediocre Fraud brahmin women, brahmin puppets get credit, government salary for faking obc engineers resume, investment

In a clear indication of widespread brahmin atrocities in India , lazy inexperienced fraud brahmin women goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi , nyanashree , brahmin sex partners and brahmin puppets are credit and a monthly salary from R&AW/CBI/intelligence agencies because their shameless fraud liar relatives and friends consisting of the goan gsb fraud mafia of caro, mandrekar, nayak,shivalli brahmin cheater gang hathwar, kodancha, and boyfriends, puneet, j srinivasan, vijay are making fake allegations without any proof against a harmless hardworking obc single woman engineer, domain investor, and stealing her resume

These ruthless fraud brahmin officals do not have the honesty or humanity to admit their mistake after defaming, sexually harassing, cheating, exploiting and torturing a harmless single woman obc engineer for more than 6 years, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money. Instead these fraud brahmin officials, who falsely claim to be extremely concerned about tax evasion, are continuing to waste tax payer money to defame the harmless engineer and dupe people and companies about the resume, investment of their mediocre fraud relatives and friends.

Just because these incompetent careless greedy officials have repeated their lies for more than 6 years, like robots, or programmed parrots, it does not mean that their lazy greedy goan sex partners, relatives and friends, who did not study engineering, and have not invested any money online, have the impressive resume, investment of the obc single woman engineer who they have defamed without proof, cheated, exploited and tortured mercilessly.

Attitudes towards lower castes have not changed in India

After the news of the dalit atrocities in Gujarat, Times of India had a cartoon showing a dalit who is a victim of atrocities being visited by Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, who asks the dalit how long has this been going on. The dalit replies that the great grand father of Rahul Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru also asked the same question, indicating that there is no major change in attitudes and conditions of dalits in the last century in India.
Non upper caste individuals have to fight a lonely battle against the well entrenched upper caste people to get a fair deal, especially when they are hardworking honest and competent, working in the tech sector .